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Starting a New Job from Home: 7 Anchanto Stories

Starting a New Job from Home: 7 Anchanto Stories

Joining a new company can be a challenge, even under usual circumstances. During a pandemic, it means learning new skills, socializing with colleagues, attending meetings, and familiarizing yourself with a new workplace- all while sitting at your home.

Even at Achanto, for the first time ever, new faces filled up our video call screens instead of our office lobbies, water-cooler conversations turned into Slack notifications, and we gradually adjusted to the new normal – working remotely.

Even though there was no face to face meeting and in-person interaction with the Anchanters, they became a part of our team right from the very first day.

But what was it like for them to join a company during a global crisis?

We bring you the stories and experiences of the new Anchanters, directly from them – unfiltered.

1. Adrian, Senior Director, Thailand 

“Working with Startups is my specialty. I have been a part of global companies in their growth phases and have developed a team from 7 people to a strength of 200. Even before I joined Anchanto, I had my fair share of working with people online. I am no stranger to working from home either.

However, I joined Anchanto during a pandemic and the entire experience was extremely unique even for me.

From my first interview to the day I was hired, the situation made me never shake hands with anyone, or have a literal, physical, face-to-face meeting. It felt surreal.

I joined the Thailand team back in July. Ever since then, my focus has been on only three things:

  • Make everything happen in Thailand

  • Make sure everyone at Anchanto is helping me make things happen in Thailand

  • Make sure all the customers know that we will make it happen here in Thailand.

We are leading an industry that is spearheading through the COVID crisis. We are given an opportunity that doesn’t come by very often.

Regardless of the physical place we work from or the clients we have, the very fact that Anchanto is in the full front means we have job security, growth potential, and movement.

  Talk about a buzzing, constantly growing, fast-paced work environment, eh? But I would not have it any other way.

2. Isha, Junior UX Designer, India 

“My college offered 100% placements and that is why I never worried about landing a job.

Then comes the pandemic.

With 90% of campus placements not falling through, I was extremely lucky to be hired by Anchanto. I joined the team remotely and after a smooth and fun onboarding process, I started working on exciting projects from Day 1.

As a Junior UX Designer, I work on the design requirements for our products. Initially, I was given a thorough walkthrough of our products. I made sure I understood what we were offering. When I had questions about anything, all I had to do was drop in a text and people got back to me within an hour.

Even though this is my first job, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Vaibhav (Founder and CEO, Anchanto) and Abhi (Co-Founder and COO, Anchanto) and get direct feedback from them. I make sure to ask them questions and learn as much as possible from their experience.

Recently, I was a part of a call with the Social Commerce Team and I made sure I paid attention to every single thing that was discussed.

For someone who wants more exposure and growth, I am definitely at the right place.”

3. Putri, Inside Sales Representative, Indonesia 

“Before I joined Anchanto in October, I was in-between jobs. As the pandemic raged on, we had no choice but to adapt to the situation.

5 months in, I had the opportunity to join Anchanto.

Naturally, I took it.

Even though I joined remotely, I felt welcomed right from the very first day. I was really excited to be a part of a global and diverse team. It is remarkable because even though we belong to different countries, our goals are the same. I took the initiative to break ice wherever possible and jumped right in.

People at Anchanto have been extremely helpful. Here, I have the freedom to share my opinions and provide constructive feedback without worrying about anything. The work culture is transparent and open, which makes me feel extremely comfortable.

I am excited to grow here, both personally and professionally.”

4. Yatri, Content Writer, India 

“Switching jobs during a pandemic is not the best idea. Unless it’s with Anchanto.

When I interviewed for my role at Anchanto back in February, the things I was most excited about were – working with a new team, being a part of a fast-paced and growing company, and exposure to Business writing (a first for me).

Little did I know that the country would go into a strict lockdown immediately after I received my offer letter.

As I prepared for my e-onboarding with Anchanto, was I nervous? Yes. Was I excited? Yes. Would I rather be doing this in person? YES!

I was the first person to join Anchanto’s growing team virtually. The experience was unlike any other because I still met my colleagues, but through a screen, and I was now a part of Anchanto, only remotely.

Even then, I instantly felt at home.

I joined the company as a Content Writer in May. On my very first day, I was given a structured training schedule, introduced to my team and to other key people in the company.

As someone who was new to the world of eCommerce, it was fascinating to explore the same through writing.  When I received my product walk-through, I instantly realized how helpful it is for people and that is what I highlight whenever I write about it.

The environment is fast-paced, challenging, and busy – the perfect recipe for growth.”

5. Sumana, Customer Support Assistant Manager, Thailand 

“Ever since I started working in the field of eCommerce, I wanted to work at an international company. When I came across Anchanto, there were two things that appealed to me right away: It was an international company and the platforms were fantastic! (What are the odds of THAT?)

As someone who has been working in the field of eCommerce, coming across Anchanto’s platforms was like breathing a sigh of relief. At my previous job, I had to independently update various details for each marketplace. Here, we solve the very same problem for people. If only I had it back when I struggled to execute simple e-commerce operations.

Today, I work as a Customer Support Assistant Manager at Anchanto and even though I have been here only for 15 days, I have already settled in. I am truly excited to work with my new team members, especially after the warm welcome I received.

Every day, I feel one step closer to where I want to be.”

6. Rajat, Junior Visual Designer, India 

“I joined Anchanto when the pandemic was at its peak – May 2020. I was right out of college and had no experience of working at a corporate. The situation was already unique for me.

Now add remote onboarding and work from home to that mix.

Even after a smooth remote onboarding, I had a thousand questions. How is everybody working? How are they communicating?

There was always someone who helped me find the right answers.

I work as a Junior Visual designer at Anchanto. I have always wanted to learn how a design can be taken forward at a particular company for a longer period of time. Here, I have the chance to learn just that and so much more. The environment is extremely open, and even though I have been here just 6 months, I have had the chance to work with the leadership directly.

As a fresher, this is a great experience for me as I can learn from them directly so early in my career.

There is one line that everyone at the company says when I approach them with a problem or a question – “Whatever it is, let’s discuss, let’s find a solution”. 

So that’s what we do – we work together, we solve challenges together, and we grow together.

7. AyanProduct Manager for Data Platform, Singapore 

“There comes a time when you know you need a break from your work to focus on things you are really passionate about.

For me, that break came when COVID-19 was at its worst.

During the initial months of the global crisis, my focus was on work as well as making sure I devoted time off to music and creating my own podcast. A few months later, I found myself having coffee with Vaibhav and discussing my onboarding at Anchanto.

You know what they say – when it’s right, it’s right. 

The team at Anchanto is nimble-footed, straightforward, and extremely solution-focused. Here, I have the chance to develop a product from scratch and that is something I have always wanted to do. I work as a Product Lead for Data at Anchanto and it has been just 1 month since I joined but I had the opportunity to witness 11/11 as a team member. It was exciting to see how everyone in the team has a quick responsive attitude. We are all on our toes to take up any new challenge and turn it into a solution.

That is what sets us apart.”

Joining a new company can often be challenging. When it is during a global crisis, it requires extra efforts from existing team members to make it smooth for everyone that’s new.

From having a systematic onboarding process to making sure all the right information is provided from Day 1, at Anchanto, we constantly reform the way we hire new talent.

Be it personal growth or communication, taking up challenges, or finding a solution, we are in a situation where we do it all remotely. As new faces join our growing team, we are making sure they feel at home here, so whenever we meet in person, there are no awkward moments, only excitement to (finally) work together from one office.