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Product Image Customization feature: Personalize all your product catalogs in one go

Product Image Customization feature: Personalize all your product catalogs in one go

Branding is at the heart of every business interaction in the online space.

And to simplify the process of manually uploading brand logos on product images, and promotional frames across all sales channels in one go, we bring you a highly useful feature for our Anchanto OMS – Image Customization.

With customers making quick buying decisions based on product assets and discounts, this feature will help your brand make a lasting impression using customized images. This is especially true during peak sales seasons when brands and sellers face heavy competition in the market.

With our new Image Customization feature, you can ensure that your product images have precise branding with your company logo and promotional frames. Here are a few quick highlights:

  • Customize product images with Brand Logos: 

    • Add brand logos to your product images across marketplaces, either in bulk or manually.

    • Select the marketplace and products of your choice and save time and resources by uploading logos in bulk.

    • Leverage customizable settings for positioning the brand logo on the image.

  • Customize product images with promotional frames: 

    • Auto apply a frame of your choice to your product images for a specific duration. After the selected time period is over, the images will be changed to the originals without the frames.

    • Add text to your promotional frames before applying them to images.

    • Set up frame promotions for marketplace(s) at store, category and product levels.

Anchanto OMS is continuously upgraded by our team with new features so you receive cutting-edge advantages over your competition.

Reach out to us via help@anchanto.com to learn more about this feature or other recent developments available for you.