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Anchanto Integrations Updates – December 2023

Anchanto Integrations Updates – December 2023

The world of e-commerce is constantly transforming with new trends and changing customer expectations.

And businesses that know how to keep up are the ones who thrive and tick off goals.

And ready e-commerce integrations are one of the most crucial elements contributing to this continuous effort toward success.

Along with celebrating 70+ new integrations on Anchanto Parcel Tracking, Anchanto Digital Shelf, and Anchanto Operations Experience this year, we are delighted to have new additions to our social commerce integrations and add in shipping carriers in the Middle East this month.

1. Line Shop

Line Shop stands out as Thailand’s leading online social commerce platform, boasting a rich array of products spanning fashion, tech gadgets, and beyond. Its seamless integration with the Line messaging app ensures a shopping experience that’s not only convenient but also keeps users connected throughout their journey.

With the Line Shop integration on Anchanto Order Management, you can take over the social commerce trend through real-time order management. Get the ability to view, manage and process all order types through Anchanto Order Management. Enable super-fast product listings and real-time catalog updates. Also, consolidate your online and offline operations through seamless information flow between different systems via our integrations.

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2. TFM Express

TFM Express stands among the premier international and local courier companies in the Middle East, offering an extensive array of courier and logistics solutions tailored to diverse customer requirements. Leveraging a global logistics network, they ensure swift and effective package deliveries worldwide.

Anchanto Warehouse Management simplifies order creation by automatically generating all processed orders onto TFM Express. This integration seamlessly syncs AWB numbers/Tracking IDs for processed orders from TFM Express to Anchanto Warehouse Management and its associated sales channels. Additionally, users can swiftly download and print Anchanto-generated shipping labels for their orders as soon as they are created in Anchanto Warehouse Management and forwarded to TFM Express.

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3. Jeebly

Jeebly stands as a leading shipping carrier in Saudi Arabia, providing thorough and effective shipping services customized to meet a wide range of needs. Renowned for its quick and secure delivery solutions, Jeebly expertly manages diverse shipping requirements throughout the region.

Anchanto’s integration with Jeebly ensures accurate tracking details and real-time order updates across Anchanto Warehouse Management and its associated sales channels. This seamless collaboration streamlines operations, automates order processing, and enhances order accuracy. This integration helps you improve logistics management and elevate customer experience.

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4. J&T Express

J&T Express stands out as a premier express delivery service, boasting robust technology to support its operations. Their tagline, “Express Your Online Business,” perfectly encapsulates their vision. With a steadfast commitment to customer-centric and efficient operations, the company provides top-notch shipping services.

Loved by our customers in Singapore, J&T Express is now available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via Anchanto Warehouse Management.  

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