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Anchanto + Tokopedia

Explore the Opportunity to Sell Across Indonesia with Tokopedia!

Founded in 2009, Tokopedia is an eCommerce platform based in Indonesia. Its mission is to democratize commerce through technology. Over the years, Tokopedia has played a massive role in transforming the eCommerce landscape in Indonesia. With technology as the support, Tokopiedia has built a bridge between customers, sellers, and distributors. This super ecosystem is working to ensure that through technology, the entire shopping experience for all the people in Indonesia is revolutionized.

Tokopedia marketplace integration is available on Anchanto Order Management, Anchanto Digital Shelf, and Anchanto Operations Experience.

Increase your product visibility with Anchanto

  • Connect and manage multiple seller accounts in one place
  • Centrally manage all your eCommerce operations
  • Take smart decisions with filtered reports and insights
  • Instantly assign last-mile carriers
  • Achieve strong SLA compliance

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