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How We Conceptualized and Launched Our Latest Innovation in Just 3-months

How We Conceptualized and Launched Our Latest Innovation in Just 3-months

When it comes to innovation, we are always on the lookout for newer ways to make customers’ experience with our platforms smoother and easier. Being a product company, continuously accumulating and incorporating the learnings, feedback, and insights received from customers has always been an integral part of our process.

Building on the massive platform upgrade that we did last year, we wanted to focus on increasing the accessibility of our product and adding new usage. After much thought and a series of discussions, we decided to launch a mobile application for SelluSeller.

The Ideation

Among all the factors that encouraged us to develop the app, here are the most prominent ones.

Provide Real-time Visibility

Developing a mobile app that provides real-time visibility to SelluSeller customers was one of the most important driving factors we considered. Business owners and industry leaders are the primary users of our platforms, and they always need to check order statuses, have quick access to SelluSeller’s dashboard, check sales data, monitor inventory status, etc. A mobile application would have been perfect to deliver just this and much more, ‘on-the-go’.

Enhancing the Anchanto Order Management Experience

When developing something new, it is always thrilling to be the first one to execute it. We were excited to work on an application that was revolutionary, advanced, and most of all, the first of its kind in the market. With the mobile application, we aimed to take the current experience to the next level.

Efficiently Navigate the post-COVID-19 e-commerce Boom

This idea for the SelluSeller mobile app was taking shape just when the entire world was altered by a pandemic. It changed the way we worked on the SelluSeller app and pushed us to deliver it faster. The e-commerce landscape was transforming in front of our eyes as the need for essential products shot up. This massive shift opened up new opportunities for e-commerce businesses to take on the challenge of increased demand. The need for the hour was to be faster, reactive, and more productive, as we wanted to equip our customers with the right technology to navigate challenges of the new world.

Seamless Accessibility

The SelluSeller mobile app could transform the way our customers accessed the platform. By offering the functionalities of SelluSeller on the fingertips, we aimed to enhance the accessibility of SelluSeller and make it available on phones, tablets, laptops, and good old desktops.

All of this and much more was possible by having the SelluSeller Mobile App. The catch? We had to deliver it sooner, now more than ever.

Strategy and Execution

Right from Day 1, it was all hands on deck. Here was a chance to work on an application that was revolutionary, advanced, and the best way to keep ahead of the competition. Due to the lockdown, our team members were working remotely and the best way to navigate this situation was to have a robust development strategy in place. The team had just a week of face-to-face interactions and the rest of the development took place remotely.

Our strategy followed a linear structure that included the following stages:

With a linear strategy in place, we powered through the next 3 months to deliver the app. It was remarkable that we managed to strictly follow all the deadlines. Needless to say, the only goal for all of us was to deliver a mobile application that would transform the way e-commerce businesses functioned and meet the demands of the new world.

The Road Ahead

The SelluSeller mobile app benefits all the users of the platform. In fact, knowing how heavily featured SelluSeller is as a platform, we have developed a lighter version of the same, accessible for everyone. From CEOs to leaders and owners, and their respective operations team, everyone can benefit from this app as it allows them to have a bird’s eye view of their businesses in real-time and execute operations from anywhere, at any time, while the user experience stays the same.

Working on this mobile application has been thrilling, to say the least. It is now clearer to me than ever – if you put in the work, plan with clarity, and have a vision of the product you wish to deliver, it will only result in excellence. The road ahead is exciting as we plan on delivering innovative solutions every step of the way, and frankly, we can’t wait!