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Anchanto Integrations Updates – October 2022

Anchanto Integrations Updates – October 2022

E-commerce evolves faster than you can say ‘Yes’.

With new platforms emerging daily, we bring you a new category of integrations this month along with 2 new integrations and some enhancements. 

With these, you can manage your selling and fulfillment operations without any hiccups through our platforms.

So, ready to see what’s new?

1. TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop

Manage selling on TikTok shop and reach the people present on the platform!

TikTok shop is a shopping feature that is accessible directly on the TikTok platform. TikTok Shop allows business to sell their products on the social platform directly. This social commerce integration allows brands, retailers, and businesses to be present on the social media platform and showcase their products to users, giving them the option to shop right then and there without having to leave the platform. Currently, TikTok shop can be used by sellers, creators, partners, and affiliates on the platform. 

Currently, TikTok shop is integrated with the latest version of Anchanto Order Management.


Inventory Management

  • Centralize and Auto-sync Inventory
  • Get Low stock, Out-of-Stock, Buffer Stock Alerts
  • Easily Import Bulk Products
  • Monitor in-process stocks in real-time
  • Manage Stocks based on storage type
  • Maintain Quality based Inventory Counts

Order Management

  • Centrally View all your brands on one dashboard
  • View, Manage & Process all order types
  • Track complete order cycle
  • Monitor status-wise orders
  • Download the shipping labels and invoices

Catalogues & Listings

  • Super-fast product listings
  • Easily add, monitor, and edit products and their descriptions
  • Clone listings from TikTok Shop to other marketplaces/ other stores
  • Specialized functionalities to update listings on select channels
  • Inbuilt Marketplace QCs
  • Simplified steps to create group products

Logistics & Warehousing

  • Easily assign channel-wise Last-mile carriers
  • Configure User Roles
  • Consolidate front-end and back-end processes
  • Sync orders directly to existing WMS
  • Get real-time logistics updates

Analytics & Reports

  • Check product-wise sales anytime
  • Achieve control & visibility on sellout data
  • Track client-wise performance
  • Control access to your client accounts
  • Manage multiple stores on one dashboard

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2. DeTrack 


Now manage your deliveries across the region with Detrack!

Detrack is a delivery management software that allows businesses to track and receive proof of delivery across the region. The system offers accurate delivery insights that help in managing seamless fulfillment. Some features that are offered by Detrack include easy-to-use mobile apps, live map view, location-based delivery tracking, and automatic customer notifications. Detrack also allows businesses to offer different contactless delivery options to customers, making the entire process customer-centric and quick. 

Currently, Detrack is integrated with the latest version of Anchanto Warehouse Management. 


Order Creation

  • Once an order is processed on Anchanto WMS, it will automatically be created on DeTrack
  • For all processed orders, the AWB number/tracking ID will be synced automatically from DeTrack to Anchanto WMS and the respective sales channels

Shipping Label

  • Download and print Detrack shipping label with details synced from DeTrack

Order Status Tracking

  • Auto-sync the order status once every hour from DeTrack to Anchanto WMS to respective sales channels

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3. GHN

GHN Express

Faster fulfillment and seamless inventory management can be achieved across multiple locations with this key enhancement update for our GHN users.

  • Now access the multi-warehousing feature for your GHN shipping carrier integration via Anchanto OMS

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4. SF Express

SF Express

When it comes to shipping solutions across Hong Kong, you can access SF Express via one more Anchanto system. Our teams bring you this shipping carrier enhancement with the latest APIs on Anchanto Warehouse Management.

  • Now connect with SF Express shipping carrier via Anchanto WMS for all your fulfillment requirements
  • Updated SF Express Shipping Carrier integrations with the latest API enhancements.

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5. Sendle Express

For our mates in Australia, now you can manage your presence in the region with the latest updates via Anchanto Warehouse Management. Here is what’s new:

  • Now connect with Sendle Express shipping carrier via Anchanto WMS for all your fulfillment requirements
  • Updated Sendle Express Shipping Carrier integrations with the latest API enhancements.

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