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Anchanto Integrations Updates – January 2023

Anchanto Integrations Updates – January 2023

With the right integrations, various e-commerce goals can easily be ticked off from a growth list.

And that means identifying the right names in a region to ensure growth. 

From the Middle East to France, we bring you new integrations and enhancements that will help you shape your strategy and achieve desired milestones in 2023.

1. Shyft

Deliver parcels hassle-free across UAE with Shyft!

Established with the goal to redefine deliveries, Shyft started as a luggage delivery and airline check-in experiment. But, during the pandemic, the platform changed services and emerged as a single application and platform that offers individuals and businesses seamless last-mile services. The platform aspires to build innovative shipping solutions for its customers and aims to become a leading delivery platform in the region.|


Order Creation 

  • Once an order is processed on Anchanto Warehouse Management, it will automatically be created on Shyft
  • For all processed orders, the AWB number/tracking ID will be synced automatically from Shyft to Anchanto Warehouse Management and the respective sales channels

Shipping Label 

  • Download and print Shyft-generated shipping label from Anchanto Warehouse Management upon order creation from Anchanto Warehouse Management to Shyft

Order Status Tracking 

  • Auto-sync the order status from Shyft to Anchanto Warehouse Management to respective sales channels

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 2. Haravan


For Haravan webstore integration in Vietnam, say yes to additional capabilities with this update.

Here’s what’s new:


  • Now access the latest APIs and get Multiwarehousing support for Haravan via Anchanto Order Management

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3. Colissimo 


With this Colissimo update, you can focus on managing customs with key updates regarding some crucial documents. 

Take a look:


  • Seamlessly manage customs with the update to fetch CN22 and CN23 commercial documents along with shipping labels for Colissimo

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4. MyDelivengo 


To make sure all your cross-border parcels get through without a worry, we have some upgrades to the MyDelivengo integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management. 


  • Access the latest APIs, fetch CN22 and CN23 commercial documents, and generate shipping labels for MyDelivengo with this update

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5.Lettre Suivie

Lettre Suivie is now updated to incorporate some latest changes in regard to authentication via Anchanto Warehouse Management.


  • This update includes changes and enhancements to the authentication credits field for Lettre Suivie via Anchanto Warehouse Management

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6. Tiktok Shop


Ready to improve your social selling game? TikTok Shop now has additional features and updates to help you reach your goals. 


  • Sellers managing multiple warehouses via Anchanto Order Management can map these warehouses with the ones on the Tiktok shop and get real-time inventory updates across all warehouses. 
  • Now add a Size Chart while listing a product for TikTok Shop via Anchanto Order Management

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