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Anchanto Integrations Updates – April 2024

Anchanto Integrations Updates – April 2024

In the world of e-commerce, your success hinges on a sturdy foundation of ready integrations that fit just right.

These integrations are the key to unlocking your growth potential and taking your business to new heights.

This month’s new integrations support you to do just that. With prominent names from Australia, South Korea, KSA and France now available on Anchanto products, scale your business effortlessly.

Read on to get more details.

1. Colis Privé


Known for its dependable and swift parcel deliveries, Colis Privé stands out as a top shipping carrier in France. Its commitment to customer satisfaction shines through every delivery, making it a trusted partner for both businesses and individuals. Incorporating Colis Privé into your e-commerce setup can provide efficient and secure shipping solutions, potentially elevating your delivery services to enhance customer satisfaction.

Colis Privé is now integrated with Anchanto Warehouse Management providing you with enhanced accuracy and visibility in order fulfillment. Orders made in Anchanto smoothly move to Colis Privé for quick processing, with automatic syncing of tracking details for precise tracking. Easily print labels from Anchanto, synced with Colis Privé.

Read more about Colis Privé integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.

2. C3X


C3X is a prominent shipping provider based in the Middle East specializing in prompt and dependable parcel delivery services. Embracing a tech-forward approach, C3X offers cutting-edge shipping solutions tailored to meet the dynamic demands of your business.

With C3X integrated into Anchanto Warehouse Management, orders flow smoothly for faster processing. Automatic syncing of tracking details across platforms reduces manual work. You can easily print shipping labels using Anchanto WM. Further, the integration helps you stay updated with periodic order status checks to streamline order fulfilment.

Read more about C3X integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.

3. Myer


As a leading online retail hub in Australia, Myer Marketplace caters to diverse shopping needs, boasting an extensive array of items spanning fashion, beauty, homeware, and electronics. Renowned for its commitment to quality and trendsetting offerings, Myer Marketplace prides itself on curating a wide variety of products for shoppers to choose from.

Myer marketplace is now integrated with Anchanto Order Management, offering numerous benefits for your business. You can effortlessly keep track of your inventory, receive alerts for low stock, and manage orders efficiently from a single dashboard. Simplify logistics and warehouse tasks, assign orders easily, and get real-time updates. With intuitive analytics and reports, you can constantly monitor sales performance and make informed decisions.

Read more about Myer integration with Anchanto Order Management here.

4. Lotte


Lotte Global Logistics stands out as a leading logistics provider headquartered in South Korea, delivering comprehensive supply chain solutions globally. Renowned for its commitment to innovation and effectiveness, Lotte Global Logistics harnesses advanced technology and an extensive network to offer seamless transportation, warehousing, and distribution services.

Lotte is now integrated with Anchanto Order Management. Experience a streamlined order fulfilment process with order status sync. Tracking details, like AWB numbers, sync seamlessly between Lotte and Anchanto for accurate monitoring. Easily print shipping labels from Lotte via Anchanto OM.

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