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        Parcel Tracking

        Get real-time visibility on parcels through our scalable cloud-based system. It processes extensive parcel data for uniform, instant tracking across logistics partners and locations. Enhance post purchase experience with standardized tracking data and keep your customers informed about their parcel deliveries.


        Multiple carriers, one system

        Process and standardize large volumes of parcel data from multiple carriers, aggregators, and other sources with a fast cloud-based system.

        Branded Tracking Communication

        Get centralized parcel tracking information and offer a branded tracking page, proactive communication, and timely notifications about tracking updates to your customers

        Integrates with the e-commerce solutions you already work with. And the ones you want to.

        Anchanto Parcel Tracking Capabilities

        Multicarrier Parcel Tracking

        Enable end to end parcel tracking and track voluminous parcel data on a single screen

        Harmonize Parcel Data

        Map large volumes of raw data to standardised formats with a user-friendly interface

        Complete Automation

        Enhance your e-commerce ecosystem with complete automation by connecting your CRMs, ERPs, OMS and WMS.

        Pre-Built Integrations

        Easily connect with all your carrier partners with pre-built integrations and sync tracking event data regularly

        Branded Tracking Page

        Allow customers to track their parcels through a branded tracking page with your domain, logo and colors

        Proactive Communication

        Send branded email notifications and allow shoppers to track their parcel delivery status

        Reduce WISMO Calls

        Equip your customers with real-time tracking information and reduce the burden on your support staff

        Upsell With Promotions

        Publish special promotions & discounts on your branded tracking page and unlock repeat purchases

        Tag Critical Parcels

        Empower your customer staff team to tag critical parcels and track them across various carriers and geographies

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