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        Presenting the Redesigned Stock Management Module for Anchanto Warehouse Management

        Presenting the Redesigned Stock Management Module for Anchanto Warehouse Management

        It’s time to put a spotlight on the newly redesigned Stock Management Module for Anchanto WMS!

        Stock Management is one of the most crucial activities when it comes to warehouse management and that is why we have made some powerful enhancements to it for our Anchanto WMS users.

        With this module, speed up order processing and automate repetitive tasks by digitizing all goods storage & movement activities.

        Take stock of the main features available to you:

        • Stock take

        With Stock-taking or “inventory checking”, now take physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse

        • Stock transfer

        Initiate seamless transfers of stock from one brand to another brand, one location to another location, one SKU to another SKU

        • Stock transfer with order processing

        Enjoy operational ease with complete stock transfer between multiple warehouse locations and multiple companies by using the pick-pack-dispatch functionality

        • Stock adjustment

        Easily adjust stock quantity due to count mismatch or missing products. Also, it is now possible to directly change the condition of the stock

        • Periodic cycle count

        Configure inventory check at the SKU level and define the frequency (days, weeks, months) of the routine cycle for automating stock count .

        Anchanto WMS 3.x is continuously upgraded with new features to help you get the cutting-edge advantage over your competition.

        Reach out to us via help@anchanto.com to learn more about this feature or find out other recent developments available for you.