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        Presenting the Multi-warehousing Feature for Anchanto OMS

        Presenting the Multi-warehousing Feature for Anchanto OMS

        To help control and consolidate your multi-channel selling and multi-warehousing operations, we are happy to introduce our new multi-warehousing feature in Anchanto OMS. This advanced capability supports order fulfillment scalability, caps logistic costs, and improves overall efficiency for your business. Our multi-warehousing feature is also valuable for your omni-channel strategy implementation.

        For a better understanding of this feature and how it delivers these advantages, let’s look deeper into its capabilities and potential.

        With the multi-warehousing feature under Anchanto OMS:

        • You can now create and manage multiple warehouses under a single OMS account.

        • Enjoy flexible order routing with multiple options to choose from. Select what is most efficient for your business.

          • OMS Routing: Pick from four different intelligent rules to automate your routing (covered later in the article).

          • Transfer Order: Auto transfer orders that are out of stock in your primary warehouse to other warehouses.

          • Manual Routing: Manually assign orders if none of the automatic routing options suit your needs.

          • Marketplace Routing: Let your marketplace route your orders for you.

        • Auto assign warehouses in just a few clicks via multiple smart rules:

          • Warehouse Priority-Wise: Auto route orders by assigning priorities to your warehouses.

          • Location-wise: Optimize delivery time by routing orders to the warehouse nearest to the order location. You can also map warehouses to zip codes and route orders accordingly.

          • Highest inventory availability:  Route your orders to the warehouse which has the highest available inventory.

          • Logistic cost: Fulfill orders from warehouse(s) which will incur the least cost to your business.

        • Efficiently fulfill orders by enabling the order split functionality if order fulfillment is not possible by a single warehouse.

        • Centralize order fulfillment by syncing the stock of multiple warehouses to single and multiple online sales channels.

        • Always keep a track of your warehouse activities via the “Activity Log” and make informed decisions.

        Anchanto OMS is continuously upgraded with new features to help you get a cutting-edge advantage over your competition.

        Reach out to us via help@anchanto.com to learn more about this feature or find out other recent developments available for you.