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        Anchanto Integrations Updates – March 2024

        Anchanto Integrations Updates – March 2024

        Robust integrations with the right e-commerce systems empower you to grow in your region while also allowing you to venture into new markets.  

        This month’s integration update includes two major marketplaces – Senheng and Zalora enabling access to unparalleled growth across South East Asia.  

        Further, expand your operations in France with a prominent marketplace Greenweez and a renowned carrier Geodis now available on Anchanto Order Management and Anchanto Warehouse Management.  

        Read more about the integrations below.  

        1. Greenweez

        Founded in 2008, Greenweez is a trailblazer in the French market, specializing in eco-friendly products. With a focus on sustainability and quality, Greenweez offers a wide selection of organic goods, ranging from food to beauty and home essentials. It’s the go-to choice for conscious consumers seeking healthy and environmentally friendly options, establishing itself as a trusted platform promoting eco-conscious living in France. 

        Greenweez is now integrated with Anchanto Order Management. With this integration, experience seamless order management and orchestration – see all your orders on Greenweez on Anchanto Order Management and process them centrally. Enable automated inventory management by stock allocation, auto-sync inventory, set buffer stock and more. Access unified sales insights and instantly identify top-performing products. Enhance control over sellout data and track brand performance across channels effortlessly. Effortlessly streamline order assignment and monitor warehouse movement in real-time. Easily customize user roles such as picker and packer and integrate front-end and back-end processes for efficient logistics management.

        Read more about Greenweez integration with Anchanto Order Management here.

        2. Geodis 

        Geodis, a trusted French shipping carrier with over a century of experience, offers reliable and efficient logistics solutions worldwide. Specializing in freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution, Geodis provides tailored services to meet the diverse needs of businesses. 

        Geodis is now integrated with Anchanto WM and can optimize logistics operations for your business. Upon order processing in Anchanto Warehouse Management, orders are automatically generated in Geodis, facilitating efficient order creation. AWB numbers and tracking IDs are seamlessly synced from Geodis to Anchanto Warehouse Management and respective sales channels for enhanced tracking. Shipping labels are, downloaded and printed directly from Anchanto Warehouse Management, and further streamline the shipping process. Order statuses are automatically synced from Geodis to Anchanto WMS as well as the connected sales channels on an hourly basis.

        Read more about Geodis integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.

        3. Senheng

        Senheng stands as the premier destination in Malaysia for state-of-the-art consumer electronics and home appliances. With a legacy spanning more than three decades, Senheng has cemented its position as a beacon of excellence, offering a vast array of products from renowned brands. Whether you seek the latest smartphones, cutting-edge laptops, or high-performance home appliances, Senheng serves as your ultimate tech hub. Committed to customer satisfaction, Senheng provides expert guidance, top-notch products, and exceptional after-sales service. 

        Senheng is now integrated with Anchanto Order Management, offering centralized order processing, and streamlined inventory management. Easily view and manage all Senheng orders within Anchanto, automate stock allocation, sync inventory, and set buffer stock. Gain unified sales insights, track top-performing products, and manage brand performance across channels effortlessly. Simplify order assignment and real-time warehouse monitoring. Customize user roles and seamlessly integrate logistics processes for efficient management. Quickly list and manage products with specialized features for updating listings. Easily track product status and streamline bundle creation for efficient catalogue management. 

        Read more about Senheng integration with Anchanto Order Management here.

        4. Zalora

        Zalora is a leading marketplace in Southeast Asia with over 50 million active users. Established in 2011, it offers a wide range of local and international brands across categories like Fashion & Beauty, Sports, and more. 

        Zalora integration is now available on Anchanto Digital Shelf. Experience the power of AI-driven insights tailored to fuel your growth journey. Dive deep into comprehensive analyses covering pricing trends, sales performance, product availability, store health metrics, and customer sentiment in real-time. Gain valuable insights not only into your brand’s performance but also into competitors, grey sellers, and re-sellers. 

        Read more about Zalora integration with Anchanto Digital Shelf here.