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        Anchanto Integrations Updates – February 2024

        Anchanto Integrations Updates – February 2024

        The right integrations can make your e-commerce journey smoother and give you the prowess to do more with your technology.

        With two new major marketplaces – Tiki and BliBli, now available for Anchanto Digital Shelf, you get the ability to supercharge your growth on the marketplaces with powerful AI-driven insights. 

        We are also throwing a special spotlight on two big carriers – Quiqup and DPD – integrated with our products Anchanto Warehouse Management and Anchanto Parcel Tracking.

        Read more about what these integrations have in store for you.  

         1. Tiki

        Tiki, Vietnam’s fastest-growing retail company, excels in end-to-end supply chain management and brand partnerships. As the country’s favorite B2C e-commerce platform, Tiki.vn offers over 300,000 products across 12 categories such as electronics, lifestyle, and books. With a focus on quality control, Tiki maintains one of the highest customer satisfaction rates and the lowest return rates in Vietnam marketplaces. 

        Tiki is now integrated with Anchanto Digital Shelf. Through this integration with our powerful AI-driven data platform, you can unlock actionable insights that enhance your brand’s visibility, boost search rankings, and outperform competitors. Access real-time data on pricing trends, promotional impact, and popular products to gain a comprehensive understanding of competitors, resellers, and unauthorized sellers.

        Read more about the Tiki.vn <> Anchanto Digital Shelf integration here.

        2. BliBli

        Blibli.com Company Logo

        As one of the early pioneers of e-commerce, BliBli is a marketplace that offers a total of 15 categories and thousands of products on its platform. With features that allow for a customized shopping experience, BliBli is a favorite among people in Indonesia. With a total number of about 202 Million+ monthly users, BliBli offers a chance to sellers to access a wide customer base and start selling! 

        Blibli is now integrated with Anchanto Digital Shelf, offering AI-driven data insights to charge your business growth. Delve into detailed analyses of pricing trends, sales performance, real-time product availability, store health metrics, and customer sentiment. These crucial insights go beyond evaluating your brand’s business performance, shedding light on competitors, grey sellers, and re-sellers. Take control of your brand’s online reputation, boost your share of search, and elevate marketplace sales by leveraging these data-driven capabilities through this integration.

        Read more about the BliBli <> Anchanto Digital Shelf integration here.

        3. Quiqup


        In the UAE, Quiqup stands out as a trusted shipping carrier, providing swift and dependable delivery solutions for businesses. With a commitment to accelerating parcel deliveries, simplifying returns, and fostering the growth of UAE businesses, Quiqup offers notable delivery options for swift order fulfillment. 

        Streamline your operations via Quiqup integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management (WM) and Anchanto Parcel Tracking. Quiqup integration with Anchanto WM allows you to enable faster fulfillment with easy download and printing of shipping labels, automated order status synchronization, and AWB numbers/tracking ID synchronization. The carrier integration with Anchanto Parcel Tracking offers real-time updates on shipment events and package locations, and improve tracking efficiency and accuracy by automating manual processes.

        Read more about the Quiqup <> Anchanto Warehouse Management and Anchanto Parcel Tracking integration here.

        4. DPD

        DPD stands out as a top-notch parcel delivery network spanning numerous countries. Fueled by advanced technology and a deep understanding of local dynamics, they provide efficient delivery services. With a commitment to keeping customers informed, DPD maintains a vast network of 58,000+ pickup points and employs 97,000+ delivery experts, ensuring the successful delivery of 7.5 million parcels daily.

        Anchanto WM smoothly integrates with DPD, making your fulfillment quicker. Easily download and print shipping labels, and keep orders updated with automatic status synchronization. Also, sync AWB numbers/tracking IDs effortlessly. Plus, you can offer Pick-up-drop off (PUDO), split shipments, and ship internationally for added flexibility. DPD is also integrated with Anchanto Parcel Tracking which allows for live updates on shipment events and package locations to improve tracking efficiency.  

        Read more about the DPD <> Anchanto Warehouse Management integration here.