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        Promotions in eCommerce: How an OMS can be the next upgrade you need

        Promotions in eCommerce: How an OMS can be the next upgrade you need

        eCommerce businesses know the pros and cons of managing promotions and discounts. From running the right promotion at the right time to tracking discounted orders from multiple sales channels, nailing error-free operations for customers can be a stressful affair.

        To help enterprises streamline all backend processes, technology solutions are a must. Having a robust system helps in customising and controlling promotions, offering gifts with purchase while having clear visibility over end-to-end processes across all touchpoints. This webinar will present the ways in which you can sit back and benefit from running promotions while an OMS processes orders, offers the correct discount, and collects reliable data from all channels.

        What we covered:

        • How to run successful promotions using an OMS

        • Benefits of using technology for different kinds of promotions

        • Role of error-free Discount promotions for eCommerce

        • How real-time insights, reports, and analytics can transform your sales strategy

        • A short demo of the Promotions Module of an OMS