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        Order Management

        Centralize order, inventory, catalog and promotions management with our enterprise-grade software. With over 150 integrations worldwide, its your gateway to e-commerce success at scale.


        Built for growth

        Anchanto Order Management System is an all-in-one enterprise solution with the capabilities, integrations, and agility needed to run multichannel selling operations at scale.

        Endless capabilities

        Harness the power of omni-channel commerce and offer a uniform customer experience to your shoppers, across all online and offline sales channels.

        Integrates with the e-commerce solutions you already work with. And the ones you want to.

        Anchanto Order Management Capabilities

        Central Order Processing

        Process multi-channel orders on a central platform by easily assigning pickers and packers and track order status simultaneously.

        Click And Collect

        Offer Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS), Buy Online Return In Store (BORIS), Buy Online Ship From Store (BOSFS) and other flexible shopping options.

        Smart Order Routing

        Auto-route your orders to the desired warehouse based on warehouse priority, nearest location, inventory availability or cost for optimized fulfillment.

        Order Splitting

        Split orders into sub-orders if you need to fulfill them from different warehouse locations due to inventory unavailability or cost reasons.

        Manage Multiple Warehouses

        Add and manage multiple warehouse locations from the same platform. Also add your offline store or a virtual store as a warehouse.

        Central Catalog Management

        Manage product listings across all marketplaces and webstores centrally. Easily cross list and clone catalogs from one platform to another.

        Manage Kits And Bundles

        Create and manage product kits, bundles and groups and offer promotions of your choice.

        Payment Reconciliation

        Get a unified view of all your transactions and identify any gaps in payments meant to be settled with marketplaces.

        Mobile App

        Effortlessly manage all operations using our mobile app and enable offline store staff to scan and process orders on the go.

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