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        Introducing Flow Through for Anchanto’s WMS: Everything you need to know

        Introducing Flow Through for Anchanto’s WMS: Everything you need to know

        If you have been struggling with a lack of storage space or handling time for your goods, we have good news for you – the Flow Through feature is now live on Anchanto WMS (Wareo).

        This feature allows warehouse managers to increase the speed of processing orders and moving goods from inbound to outbound directly, allowing you to push further the optimization of your warehousing operations. And that’s not all:

        Highlights of this feature are:

        • Now distribute or supply goods from the supplier to the consumer with almost no storage or handling time with Flow Through.

        • Receive the product through an inbound door and transfer it directly to the outbound transportation dock.

        • Immediately sort, screen, and unload products in the inbound to identify their end destinations.

        How Flow Through can help warehouse managers fulfil orders rapidly:

        • If only a partial order is received, while the remaining products are delayed or awaiting dispatch from the supplier, partial orders can be moved to fulfilment.

        • In case some of the orders received are incorrect, the correct products can be moved to dispatch while the incorrect orders can be processed for returns right away

        • Simultaneously pack and send orders received from different suppliers to dispatch without storage

        Anchanto WMS 3.x is being continuously upgraded with new features rolled out to help Anchanto customers get the cutting-edge advantage in the competitive industry ecosystem.

        Follow the Anchanto Resources section or reach out to us via hello@anchanto.com to learn more about this feature or how Anchanto Suite can transform your logistics operations management.