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Thank you for interacting with Anchanto at ‘Ready, Set, Sell for Prime Day 2023’. We are thrilled to offer you an exclusive, in-person expert consultation from Rayson Mahindran, Associate Director – Implementations, Anchanto.

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Here’s what will be covered:

Step 1: Understand the challenges you face when managing operations
Common challenges include inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping & returns management.

Step 2: Consult on how ready your warehouse is for e-commerce operations
Walkthrough of your warehouse operations to ensure that you have the necessary infrastructure, technology & resources in place.

Step 3: Offer possible solutions and platforms for success
Solutions could include implementing an inventory management system, improving your order fulfillment process, or adopting a shipping and returns management software.

Meet Rayson

With 20 years of experience in Logistics, B2B and E-commerce operations and implementations, Rayson leads the implementation of Anchanto’s platforms for our customers across 14+ countries. He focuses on having a well-organized, systematic, and linear implementation strategy which helps customers with our SaaS platforms.

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