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        How Jadi Life Cut Order Processing Time by 75% with Anchanto

        How Jadi Life Cut Order Processing Time by 75% with Anchanto

        Jadi Life Solutions is one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers of goods for work and education, R&D, and healthcare. And Jadi business is the sole producer of toner for printer cartridges in the nation. The remaining items produced by Jadi Life are imported and offered for sale through both online and traditional retail channels to Malaysian customers as well as companies and enterprises.

        As a growing business, Jadi Life managed all operations manually from inventory inbounding to order processing and fulfillment. However, this became a painful process over time as it impacted efficiency, shopping experiences, and the company’s revenue.


        Given their manual operations, Jadi Life recorded everything with pen and paper or Excel sheets. Handling their sales and inventory records in this manner was a big challenge. Updating inventory took a long time and checking these updates took great patience. The team at Jadi Life also experienced these obstacles:

        1. Time Consuming and Frustrating Inbound Process

        Inbounding inventory took a considerable amount of time to finish. The team at Jadi Life spent long nights receiving new inventory, taking stock, and confirming records. Inbounding itself took 2 to 3 hours to calculate the 200 to 300 new stock units coming in.

        2. Discrepancies in Stock Levels and Records

        Jadi Life struggled with stock compilation as their records would not tally with inventory counts. This was a huge problem as they didn’t know their true inventory balance for specific products, which caused overselling and underselling worries.

        3. Repeated Instances of Human Error

        Despite their hard-working nature, Jadi Life’s team experienced recurring mistakes. One major challenge caused by human error was the wrong products being sent to customers. As they used Excel sheets to process orders, pickers had to check long rows on worksheets to determine which products match the orders received. This gave rise to mistakes as the wrong order number would be matched with the wrong stock unit.

        4. Order Processing Bottlenecks

        Manually, order processing would take 30 minutes per order for Jadi Life. And apart from order receipt to inventory picking, weighing, and packing, the company also had to communicate with delivery partners and hand off parcels to them. This entire process would take one hour per order.



        Understanding that manual processes were the cause of their challenges, Jadi Life researched different options to digitalize and automate their backend operations. After thoroughly assessing various alternatives available to them, they chose the SaaS solutions provided by Anchanto. These solutions enabled them to manage and support the entire process of receiving stock, putting it away, storage, stock picking, packaging, and shipping.

        With the Anchanto Order Management and Warehouse Management systems implemented in their business, Jadi Life was amazed by how quickly and accurately they could prepare customer orders at every phase compared to their manual processes.

        Through Anchanto’s SaaS platforms, Jadi Life integrated its WooCommerce, Lazada, and Shopee online stores for easy order management, catalog management, and inventory centralization. They also activated the Xero Accounting system integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management to stay on top of revenue and expenses.



        Choosing Anchanto to digitalize their business opened new opportunities for Jadi Life and improved their performance significantly. Here are some of the main enhancements the company experienced:


        1. Optimized Inbound Efficiency

        After implementing Anchanto’s Warehouse Management solution, Jadi Life was introduced to the world of automation. The company was able to inbound inventory faster and reduce errors. With the help of this technology, Jadi Life could also create workflows ensuring new inventory was located in the designated spaces at their warehouse.

        2. Enhanced Inventory Management

        Jadi Life’s inventory management improved by 70% with better visibility of their inventory. Through Anchanto’s stock check and stock take functions, Jadi Life’s data team was able to review stock by easily exporting the required data. Every item in stock could be immediately updated once orders were processed or inventory was received during inbounding. There were no inventory record lags or incorrect representations. The company could also look for individual products out of their 4,000+ SKUs without hassle. They could even assess individual product quantities or listing details.

        3. Faster Order Processing

        Jadi Life was able to reduce its order processing time by 75%, that is from 120 minutes to just 15 minutes. The Anchanto Order Management system allowed them to automate their internal processes and communication with delivery partners. This helped speed up fulfillment and guarantee customer satisfaction.

        4. Improved Reporting

        With better reporting data, Jadi Life could check the progress of their sales, inventory replenishment needs, and plan better. Accurate reports on purchases, returns, and sales made it easy to identify order trends and take better decisions when reordering inventory. Moreover, Jadi Life could create customized reports based on their business requirements to minimize risks and maximize financial returns.

        5. Reduced Error Rate

        Through efficient management of their inventory, Jadi Life reduced human errors significantly. They no longer have to worry about the wrong products being delivered to customers. With automated processes in place through smart solutions, the right inventory is quickly matched with the relevant order.

        With the help of PDA scanners, Jadi Life could now quickly scan products on shelves to identify them and their features (for example, colors, scents, quantities, etc.). Similarly, these scanners also helped during inbounding new inventory and recording it to their digital database.


        With Anchanto’s technology, Jadi Life can set processes for everything from orders to logistics. After automating many of their backend operations, these were much faster and easier to execute. Similarly, with the Anchanto mobile app, the team at Jadi Life can check stock balances at any time and easily communicate inventory numbers with management or consumers across different sales channels.

        Through Anchanto’s SaaS solutions, Jadi Life can make the most of existing human resources as they scale. Better yet, by making the team efficient, they can scale operations and take on ambitious goals. By 2025, Jadi Life plans to launch a new online retail platform for B2B and B2C transactions and live broadcasts. They feel confident in pursuing this as their internal operations and are now optimized and under complete control.