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                      Anchanto + XDE Logistics

                      Safe and fast logistics solutions across the Philippines with XDE Logistics

                      XDE Logistics is a local courier service situated in the Philippines. With over 30 years of experience, the company has evolved from a simple freight forwarding company to now a full-service logistics company. XDE Logistics offers traditional services such as land freight, sea freight, air freight, contract logistics, and special projects. Their aim is to become market leaders by offering the best logistics services to their customers. With the mission to offer services to the region through an integrated network of their own. It owns 1000+ vehicles which include motorcycles, big tractor heads, and special vehicles that serve 98% of its customers. They move 4 Million+ kilos of cargo across the country and are serving 15+ industries with 3000 accounts.

                      XDE Logistics integration is available on the latest version of Anchanto Order Management, Anchanto Warehouse Management and Anchanto Parcel Tracking.


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