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                      Anchanto + GDEX

                      Stay on top of logistics operations and deliveries with GD Express

                      GD Express Sdn. Bhd. is a logistics company headquartered in Malaysia. The company was established in 1997 with the vision to offer express delivery services to both the domestic and international markets. GD Express became the first local express delivery company to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate for offering a quality management system.

                      Today, GD Express is one of the most trusted and leading carriers in the region.

                      As they partner with Anchanto, GD Express aims to offer the best services to customers while ensuring growth across the market. The scope of this integration is to support local and cross-border deliveries and to offer Cash on Delivery services.

                      Gdex Prime integration is available on Anchanto Order Management and Anchanto Warehouse Management.

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