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                      Anchanto + Shippop

                      Ensure smooth and efficient deliveries and logistics solutions with Shippop

                      Established in 2015, Shipop is an online shipping service that offers transport options to its clients. With the goal to provide and connect the best transport options around the world, Shippop offers a variety of services. By offering transport and shipping services, Shippop is the right choice for SMEs, global merchants, retailers, etc. Shippop makes shipping easy, convenient, and quick.

                      This partnership between Anchanto and Shippop will offer our customers the chance to ensure smooth and efficient deliveries and logistics solutions. With this integration, Shippop looks forward to ensuring seamless local and Cash-On-Delivery delivery operations, reliable and quick order status reports and aims to support the multi-parcel feature

                      Shippop integration is available on the latest version of Anchanto Order Management and Anchanto Warehouse Management


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