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                      Anchanto + GHN Express

                      For all your logistics needs across Vietnam, meet GHN!

                      As one of the leading logistics service providers of Vietnam, GHN is a name that is prominent in the eCommerce industry. The company offers supply change solutions via package delivery services. Their goal is to offer logistics solutions at a minimal cost to ensure they serve the growing eCommerce market in the country. The two strong services offered by GHN are delivery and payment. GHN currently serves over 800 online merchants, over 20 of those merchants are larger-scale B2C e-commerce sites like, Project Lana, MuaFast, Nha Sach Phuong Nam, and Foci, to name a few.

                      GHN Express integration is available on Anchanto Warehouse Management and Anchanto Parcel Tracking



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