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                      Anchanto + SCG Express Thailand

                      Deliver damage-free and speedy parcels across the region with SCG Express!

                      SCG Express is a parcel delivery service offering small parcel delivery services to B2B, B2C, and C2C customers. It is a collaboration between SCG. Cement-Building Materials (SCG Cement-Building Materials) and Yamato Asia Pte. Their key focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction through timely delivery of parcels. Their aim is to always ensure quality services for their customers. The slogan for SCG Express is ‘Deliver Your Happiness’ and that is what their vision is.

                      Their services include normal parcel delivery, frozen/chilled parcel, Document TA-Q Bin, Farm to Table, Pickup Service, and Cash on Delivery services.

                      SCG Express integration is available on the latest version of Anchanto Order Management and Anchanto Warehouse Management


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