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                      Anchanto + HubEurope Express

                      Choose the shipping solution provider you need with HubEurope (Yodel and myHermes)!

                      HubEurope is a shipping solutions provider established with the idea of helping businesses choose from a variety of logistics and fulfillment service providers present on its platform. Integrated with leading shipping solutions providers, HubEurope has solutions for bulk mail requirements, eCommerce packets and parcels, and custom deliveries. The platform connects its customers to the required service providers.

                      This integration allows Anchanto Warehouse Management users to connect with Yodel and myHermes parcel and courier delivery service via the HubEurope platform. Yodel and myHermes are leading shipping solutions provider in the UK and offers logistics solutions for a variety of sectors.

                      HubEurope Express integration is available on Anchanto Warehouse Management


                      Shipping Carriers



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