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        Fanslink Reduces Order Fulfillment Time From 5 Days To 24 Hours With Anchanto

        Fanslink Reduces Order Fulfillment Time From 5 Days To 24 Hours With Anchanto

        Founded in 2017, Fanslink is Thailand’s leading brand management and multi-platform commerce company. The company specializes in providing end-to-end commerce services and go-to-market strategies for major brands in categories such as Mobile & Gadget, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Sports, Digital & Electronics and more. Fanslink is also a distributor for global home appliance and electronics brands.

        Fanslink focuses on creating the best multi-platform commerce ecosystem for their customers. Through their services and capabilities, they enable brands to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

        However, in Fanslink’s early days as a startup, all operations were manual, so problems arose with key processes, especially onboarding new customers. This changed the quality of the services that the e-commerce provider wanted to offer.


        It is hectic and expensive to manually manage repetitive e-commerce and inventory operations. The more a company grows, the more obstacles appear. Because of its manual processes, Fanslink faced these challenges as a startup company until 2018:

        1. Product catalog and listing management

        With a large portfolio of customers who wanted to sell through multiple channels, Fanslink had to upload product listings to multiple stores and platforms. As this activity was highly time-consuming, overhead costs increased. The reduction in labor meant a reduction in the overall efficiency of the operation. Fanslink was not willing to sacrifice efficiency for cost.

        2. Inventory management

        Inventory and orders were managed manually for each store serviced by Fanslink. So if employees were not careful, their customer brand became vulnerable to overselling and incorrect inventory allocations. This meant a lower store rating and fewer business opportunities.

        3. Streamlined order management

        In trying to speed up order fulfillment, Fanslink found that backend operations could be improved because they were 100% manual. This opened up the challenge of storing SLA violations and penalties.

        4. Logistics management

        With so many new orders coming into Fanslink, it became increasingly difficult to coordinate them with inventory and logistics partners. To prevent this from causing delays in orders and affecting the customer experience, Fanslink decided it was time to make changes.


        Prior to implementing Anchanto’s solutions, Fanslink conducted e-commerce activities manually through the seller center of each digital platform its customers used. This included everything from handling the online storefront to managing orders, logistics and warehouse operations.

        As a result, they needed a system to help them with the following tasks:

        • Central Inventory Management
        • One Dashboard Order Management
        • Catalog and Listing Management
        • Logistics Management


        Fanslink found Anchanto Order Management and Warehouse Management were the right solutions for their needs. These platforms helped automate processes and streamline key e-commerce operations.

        The products also provided access to real-time inventory management, centralized and simplified order management, and helped automate product list processes.

        After understanding Fanslink’s requirements and making relevant adjustments to integrate their logistics operations, Anchanto Order Management and Warehouse Management were implemented for the company. Anchanto’s onboarding team conducted a week-long implementation at Fanslink headquarters and thoroughly trained the e-commerce and operations teams on how to use both platforms, with local support and extensive in-person and online training.

        After switching to Anchanto’s platforms, Fanslink has achieved the following results:


        1. Faster order processing

        Fanslink saw a 200-fold increase in order volume within 8 months (Q3-2019 – Q1 2020). With Anchanto, the company could process all these orders on time. Fanslink also received a ‘Top Enabler Partner’ award on Shopee and is also one of the ‘Top 5 Enabler Partners’ for the entire Southeast Asia region. The improved processes and smart way of working made all this possible.

        2. Improved operational efficiency

        Once the SaaS platforms were implemented and the Fanslink team trained, they observed a marked change in the speed and efficiency of operations. Several key functions such as cataloging, inventory and order management, and communication with logistics partners were automated, resulting in faster processes and the desired results.

        3. Decreased order processing time

        Before using Anchanto platforms, Fanslink required 3 to 5 days to complete an order. This time period was reduced to only 1 to 2 days after the changeover. From a fulfillment rate of 60% per day, the company has now been able to reach 90% to 100%. This represents a 40% increase in the daily fulfillment rate. In addition, the on-time delivery rate is in line with the platform’s various standard metrics, giving the company a better position in the e-commerce market.

        4. Faster product listings

        Product uploads, which normally took several days, were now efficiently completed in just one day. This was possible because the products were listed on different channels via a central platform for each customer.

        5. Centralized inventory management

        They noticed a remarkable increase in sales due to centralized inventory management. Each store operated could now access the same amount of stock, which maximized sales potential and prevented overselling.

        6. Aligned logistics operations

        Fanslink’s logistics partners were also integrated into Anchanto Order Management. This helped them to align operations between the store or platform where the product was sold and the place of fulfillment.


        With the flexibility offered by Anchanto’s SaaS systems, Fanslink has achieved the efficiency and productivity it needs to support its growth. The company looks forward to leveraging Anchanto’s new features and capabilities to expand its operations in the future.

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