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        Warehouse Management

        Elevate your e-commerce logistics and fulfilment operations with our SaaS platform. Get real-time inventory and order data through seamless integrations with shipping carriers, online sales channels and other e-commerce platforms. Fulfill B2B and B2C orders at speed, while managing multiple warehouse locations on a single platform.


        Modular Warehouse Management System for the Digital Economy

        Manage e-Commerce and B2B logistics operations from one single platform, on handheld devices, mobile and desktops.

        Fast and Automated Logistics Operations

        Get real-time inventory access, optimize your warehouse space and streamline your order fulfilment process to always deliver on-time.

        Anchanto Warehouse Management Capabilities

        Modular WMS

        Harness the power of a modular WMS solution and seamlessly adapt its capabilities as your business expands.

        Pre-built Integrations

        Access 150+ integrations across all e-commerce partners including global last-mile carriers, marketplaces, ERP, POS & more.

        Central & Real-time Inventory

        Maintain 100% accurate inventory and avoid understocking or overselling with real-time inventory synchronization.

        Complete Fulfillment Solution

        Offer complete order processing capabilities with end to end fulfillment and increase the scope of your logistics operations

        Enhance Billing Processes

        Easily configure billing charges with versatile pricing structures, accommodating various order types and criteria.

        Periodic Inventory Check

        Configure inventory check at the SKU level and define the frequency of the routine cycle for automating stock count.

        Serial Number Management

        Ensure better verifications & store unique serial numbers for products having the same iSKUs.

        Multi-parcel Shipments

        Easily split your order and generate separate shipping labels and tracking numbers for each shipment.

        Maintain Buffer Stock

        Never go out of stock by maintaining a buffer stock while you complete the procurement process.

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