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        Anchanto Integrations Updates – February 2023

        Anchanto Integrations Updates – February 2023

        When it comes to e-commerce success, the factor that contributes most to it is integration.

        From local marketplaces to shipping carriers with a wide network in a region, to achieve growth, you must be integrated with the right ones.

        After all, there are no shortcuts to success but the road can definitely be smooth.

        From one new integration in Vietnam, a special highlight, and some exciting new names that will soon be ready for you, our February updates are ready.

        1. Sendo


        Manage selling on Sendo and reach new customers in Vietnam!

        Sendo is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers worldwide while specifically catering to shoppers in Vietnam. Launched in 2012, Sendo sells over 10 million products and has more than 200,000 shops for its customers. The platform also offers exchange and return facilities for 48 hours post-delivery. Leading categories on Sendo include Home and Kitchen equipment, Fashion Apparel, Healthcare, and Gardening.

        Currently, Sendo is integrated with the latest version of Anchanto Order Management. and this integration supports both Senmall & Normal Sendo shops.


        Inventory Management 

        • Centralize and Auto-sync Inventory 
        • Get Low-on-Stock and Out-of-Stock Alerts for replenishment 
        • Set/Add Buffer Stock centrally 
        • Easily Import Bulk Products 
        • Monitor in-process stocks in real-time
        • Manage Stocks based on Batch and Expiry Management
        • Maintain Quality based Inventory Counts  

        Order Management  

        • Centrally View all your brands on one dashboard 
        • Easily View, Manage & Process all orders with a single order process flow 
        • Track the complete order cycle 
        • Monitor status-wise orders  
        • Download the Anchanto-generated and/or marketplace-generated shipping labels and invoices 
        • Automate the seller delivery orders via Anchanto-integrated 3PLs 

        Catalogues & Listings 

        • Super-fast product listings 
        • Easily add, monitor, and edit products and their descriptions 
        • Easily list the non-listed existing products available in Anchanto OMS to Sendo
        • Specialized functionalities to update listings on select channels
        • Easily track the product status and error if any from Sendo
        • Simplified steps to create Kits & bundles  

        Promotions Planning 

        • Plan, Create, and execute large-scale promotions
        • View and track Active, upcoming & past price, and Anchanto OMS promotions 
        • Manage Multichannel (online and offline) promotions 
        • Single-click Abort Live Promotions Functionality
        • Generate Customized Promotions Report 
        • Set the promotions with fixed and percentage discounts
        • Set gift with a purchase based on various conditions 

        Logistics & Warehousing 

        • Easy flow for order assignment to pickers and packers 
        • Easily assign channel-wise Last-mile carriers 
        • Track the order movement in the Warehouse
        • Configure User Roles
        • Consolidate front-end and back-end processes
        • Get real-time logistics updates  

        Analytics & Reports 

        • Manage multiple stores sales on one dashboard and in a single currency
        • Check high and low-performing products & categories at a glance
        • Achieve control & visibility on sellout data
        • Track brand-wise performance
        • Easily compare the sales performance of 2 or more sales channels for a specific period 

        Know more about Anchanto <> Sendo Integration 

         2. Chronopost

        Chronopost is a leading parcel delivery company in France, with a strong focus on ensuring sustainable operations. Owned by DPDgroup in France, Chronopost has a network of 87 branches, 12 hubs, and 19,500 local go-between points across the country. In Europe, they have 42,000 pick-up points and they currently deliver to 230 countries.

        Coming soon on Anchanto! Stay tuned for more.  

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        3. Cdiscount


        Established in 1998 in Bordeaux, Cdiscount is a French e-commerce marketplace offering leading brands to its customers across the region. With the goal to work towards responsible consumption and highlight recycling and reuse of products, the company has partnered with “Envie” network to do its bit.

        Currently, the marketplace is frequented by 20 million visitors each month. The leading categories on the market are home appliances, decor, furniture, electronics, fashion, and beauty. For businesses looking to sell on Cdiscount, there are no opening fees or sales limits on the marketplace. The platform currently has 10.2 million active users and almost every shopping category.

        Coming Soon on Anchanto, stay tuned for more!

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        4. Entrego


        For all your shipping carrier requirements in the Philippines, we have Entrego shipping carrier integration which offers fulfillment and logistics solutions. With the vision to enable trade and commerce for all partners, Entrego offers reliable and effective logistics solutions. They offer services like Parcel Management for Corporate Solutions.

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