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        Anchanto Integrations Update – November 2023

        Anchanto Integrations Update – November 2023

        In the realm of e-commerce success, market expansion is always a top priority for businesses seeking growth. And the key to unlocking this goal lies in having the right integrations in the regions you plan to enter next. 

        As we expand into EMEA, we are thrilled to introduce new integrations designed to boost your business growth in the region.  

        From major players like Amazon Shipping to logistics service providers in the Middle East such as Tamex, Saee, and more, we’re building a strong network of partners to support your success.   

        These integrations will help you open doors to diverse markets, streamline operations, and make scaling your business a smooth journey.   

        Keep reading to know more about the new integrations now live on Anchanto’s products. 

        1. Amazon Shipping

        Amazon Shipping is a comprehensive delivery service provided by Amazon, aiming to simplify shipping procedures for businesses regardless of their size. Using Amazon’s wide-ranging logistics setup, this service allows sellers to effectively ship products to customers across the country with ease.

        Amazon Shipping offers a parcel delivery solution for orders placed on a business’s own website, Amazon, and more. Utilize Amazon’s technology-driven logistics network to access fast and reliable delivery from your warehouse to your customers. With a strong record of innovation and experience in logistics, Amazon Shipping is rooted in expertise and technology to get the job done and exceed expectations. 

        Anchanto Warehouse Management seamlessly integrates with Amazon Shipping to streamline order creation, ensuring every processed order reflects accurately in both systems. This integration synchronizes AWB numbers/Tracking IDs between Anchanto Warehouse Management and various sales channels, maintaining coherence across platforms. Using the Amazon Shipping API makes tracking orders from the warehouse to the customer easy, offering complete order status updates.

        Read more about the Amazon Shipping integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.

        2. Tamex


        Meet Tamex, your go-to for all shipping requirements, offering smooth logistics solutions tailored for Saudi Arabia. With a strong network and top-notch technology, Tamex guarantees swift delivery of your B2B e-commerce shipments. Enjoy the ease of real-time tracking, competitive pricing, and trustworthy service, making Tamex the trusted pick for businesses seeking reliable shipping solutions in KSA.

        The integration between Tamex and Anchanto Warehouse Management streamlines the entire order fulfillment process, reducing manual efforts, minimizing errors, and enhancing operational efficiency. It enables businesses to have real-time visibility into order statuses, ensuring smoother operations and improved customer satisfaction by providing accurate tracking information.  

        Read more about the Tamex integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.

        3. Saee


        Explore top-notch shipping solutions offered by Saee, a leading carrier in Saudi Arabia. Saee specializes in providing innovative shipping options tailored for B2B e-commerce enterprises, simplifying their logistics operations. Committed to delivering excellence, Saee offers personalized services, advanced tracking features, and budget-friendly rates, positioning itself as the preferred option for businesses aiming to enhance their shipping processes in KSA.

        Saee integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management offers a centralized system for order tracking and fulfillment, enhancing operational efficiency. By providing accurate shipping labels and real-time order updates, it empowers you to offer improved customer service, ensuring timely deliveries and increased customer satisfaction. 

        Read more about the Saee integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.

        4. Stapo


        Count on Stapo as your trusted shipping partner for B2B e-commerce operations in Saudi Arabia. Known for punctual deliveries and customized shipping solutions, Stapo provides a diverse array of services to suit different business needs. Whether it’s speedy deliveries or cost-effective choices, Stapo’s proficiency in logistics guarantees efficient and budget-friendly transportation of your products to your clients.

        Anchanto Warehouse Management integration with Stapo streamlines order creation, synchronizes AWB numbers/Tracking IDs, and simplifies shipping label generation. Automatically transferring orders from Anchanto Warehouse Management to Stapo ensures a seamless process, maintaining consistency across platforms. This synchronization extends to order statuses, providing real-time updates in Anchanto Warehouse Management and associated sales channels. Leveraging this integration with Stapo can significantly aid in expanding your business in KSA.  

        Read more about the Stapo integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.

        5. Shipa

        Shipa Shipping Carrier Integration

        Boost your B2B e-commerce operations with Shipa, a versatile shipping provider in Saudi Arabia. Shipa offers a wide array of services, from express delivery to freight solutions, catering to businesses of all scales. With easy-to-use technology, competitive rates, and a dedication to providing excellent service, Shipa streamlines your logistics, freeing up your attention to expand your business within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

        Anchanto integration with Shipa ensures accurate tracking details and order statuses, providing real-time updates in Anchanto Warehouse Management and associated sales channels. This integration streamlines operations, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy in order fulfillment. This leads to smoother logistics management and better customer service.  

        Read more about the Shipa integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.

        6. SMSA Express


        SMSA Express stands as a well-known logistics and shipping service extending its reach across the Middle East. Recognized for its reliability and effectiveness, SMSA Express offers a comprehensive range of shipping solutions crafted to suit both businesses and individuals.

        Their offerings span express courier delivery, freight forwarding, e-commerce logistics, and specialized delivery choices, guaranteeing rapid and safe transportation of parcels and goods. Pledging to technology-centric solutions and boasting an expansive network of distribution centers, SMSA Express ensures a smooth shipping journey, earning its reputation as a reliable ally for local and international deliveries. 

        SMSA integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management orchestrates a seamless order fulfillment flow, reducing manual tasks, minimizing error margins, and boosting operational effectiveness. This integration grants businesses instant access to order statuses in real-time, ensuring smoother workflows and elevating customer satisfaction through precise tracking details. 

        Read more about the SMSA integration with Anchanto Warehouse Management here.