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                      Anchanto + Pickupp

                      Explore all-in-one delivery options with Pickupp!

                      Established in 2016, Pickupp is a shipping solutions and logistics provider with operations across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. With the aim of building the future of logistics data-driven, Pickupp ensures transparent customer service backed up by technology for all their operations.

                      Their key offerings include 2-hour express delivery, 4-hour delivery, next-day, and 1 to 3 days door-to-door delivery services within Malaysia. Pickupp also offers international delivery services to Singapore and Hong Kong. With a smart all-in-one logistics platform, 24-hour GPS tracking technology, and flexibility to accommodate peak sales season demands, Pickupp is changing the way in which businesses use logistics.

                      Pickupp integration is available on Anchanto Warehouse Management


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