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                      Anchanto + GetMeAShop

                      Kickstart your eCommerce business with GetMeAShop!

                      GetMeAShop is a business solution that allows businesses to go online and start selling in just a few simple steps. It currently has 50,000+ businesses using the services and running their eCommerce business through the platform. With features like customizable themes and a robust list of features, GetMeAShop offers access to various digital requirements to enable business growth. It also offers CRM solutions that help businesses stay in touch with their customers and build lasting relationships.

                      GetMeAShop marketplace integration is available on Anchanto Order Management

                      Increase your product visibility with Anchanto

                      • Connect and manage multiple seller accounts in one place
                      • Centrally manage all your eCommerce operations
                      • Take smart decisions with filtered reports and insights
                      • Instantly assign last-mile carriers
                      • Achieve strong SLA compliance





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