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                      Anchanto + Blibli

                      Expand into the Indonesian e-commerce Market and sell seamlessly on BliBli

                      As one of the early pioneers of eCommerce, BliBli is a marketplace that offers a total of 15 categories and thousands of products on its platform. With features that allow for a customized shopping experience, BliBli is a favorite among people in Indonesia. With a total number of about 202 Million+ monthly users, BliBli offers a chance to sellers to access a wide customer base and start selling!

                      BliBli marketplace integration is available on Anchanto Order Management, Anchanto Operations Experience, and Anchanto Digital Shelf.

                      Increase your product visibility with Anchanto

                      • Connect and manage multiple seller accounts in one place
                      • Centrally manage all your eCommerce operations
                      • Take smart decisions with filtered reports and insights
                      • Instantly assign last-mile carriers
                      • Achieve strong SLA compliance





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