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        Everbest Cuts Order Fulfillment Time from 6-hours to 30-minutes with Anchanto

        Everbest Cuts Order Fulfillment Time from 6-hours to 30-minutes with Anchanto

        Everbest Group is a renowned fashion retail company with 3 decades of successful experience in the Indonesian market. They sell footwear and accessories across 90 offline stores spread across the Indonesian Archipelago. The retail company also has an online presence through its official website and across top retail platforms like Zalora, Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, and almost all the top marketplaces in Indonesia.

        Everbest has even implemented an omnichannel business model enabling customers to buy their products wherever and whenever they want. They largely use the Buy Online, Pick up in Store (BOPIS) strategy to conduct omnichannel retail.

        Despite their retail expansion across different channels, Everbest found it tough to manage order processing and inventory for online platforms. To determine their core struggles, Everbest had to assess its internal operations and processes. This pointed out a few challenges as mentioned below.


        Everbest experienced 3 main challenges. These hurdles hampered their business performance and potential. Here’s how they affected Everbest daily:

        1. 6-Hour fulfillment delays

        Managing 1000 monthly orders across their online channels proved tough for Everbest with manual methods. Fulfilling orders across marketplaces took over 6 hours to complete every day. Each order detail was acquired separately from all their marketplaces. This not only took time to acquire but also led to errors when picking inventory.

        2. Inaccurate stock levels across marketplaces

        Managing inventory across different marketplaces was a major challenge Everbest experienced. Maintaining their inventory centrally required quick and efficient inventory updates on all platforms. Doing this manually was tedious and time-consuming. It also delayed inventory updates and triggered overselling from time to time. Moreover, it made setting aside inventory for each platform and managing inventory levels very challenging.

        3. Lack of sales visibility

        Without an efficient system in place, measuring performance accurately was impossible. Everbest’s manual operations didn’t possess the capacity to provide immediate data on monthly and daily performance. Inventory visibility was also low without the right system in place.


        Realizing the impact of these challenges, Everbest embraced digitalization in their operations. The company chose Anchanto’s SaaS solutions to implement smart technology into their business and manage online orders and inventory.

        The in-depth training and onboarding process initiated by Anchanto helped Everbest understand the scope of the technology solution. However, the actual usage of the solution helped them experience the end-to-end visibility offered by Anchanto Order Management for successful customer service. It automated processes for the retail company, cutting down the need for additional time and resources.

        Using Anchanto’s technology-rich solution also helped Everbest improve their sales YoY with an average growth of 50%. This is a significant increase in aiding their business expansion.

        Everbest has been using Anchanto for more than 3 years now. In 2020, their marketplace sales jumped to IDR 6 billion and in 2021 their sales from digital platforms reached IDR 10 billion with the help of Anchanto’s SaaS solutions.



        By harnessing the benefits of seamless order and inventory management technology, Everbest not only streamlined their operations but also positioned themselves for future success in their target market. Here’s how they utilized Anchanto’s SaaS technology to their advantage:

        1. Real-time product sync

        With Anchanto Order Management, Everbest could sync inventory to all orders in real-time. This helped them manage their stock efficiently and prevent over and underselling. Moreover, it enabled them to initiate inventory replenishment the moment stock levels reached a certain limit ensuring uninterrupted retail.

        2. Easy order processing

        The integrated dashboard from Anchanto allowed Everbest to reduce their order processing time from 6 hours to 30 minutes. With real-time order processing and centralized orders on one platform, Everbest could work faster than before and utilize their human resources more efficiently.

        3. Enhanced visibility

        Everbest also relies on Anchanto Order Management for complete visibility over their performance on different online sales channels. Through the reporting module on the centralized platform, Evertbest can assess daily and monthly sales reports. The order management system can even access their inventory reports to calculate their sell- through percentage.


        Everbest found it very difficult to manage order processing and inventory across their online channels and warehouse, especially when they wanted to display all the existing products through these platforms. Fortunately, with the right technology, they were able to overcome these challenges and scale quickly.

        In the coming months, Everbest plans to strengthen their O2O (Offline to Online) business and expand their online operations with the next generation of technology available with Anchanto. The company is considering implementing Anchanto Digital Shelf Health solution to explore the powerful traffic analysis, competitor pricing and performance comparisons it provides. They aim to use these capabilities to map their position in the fashion retail market and identify means to advance forward.