Why choose global fulfillment network?

Amazing benefits we offer

Pay per use

Wts you must send. No fixed fees and flexible storage space to make sure you're only charge for service you use. There is no minimum in the number of uniour interests are aligned. Our offering lets you scale your operations without facing logistics capacity constraints.

Multi channel fulfillment

You can fulfill orders from various marketplaces, your own web store using your own inventory stored at our fulfillment centers. You manage inventory through an online user interface and can direct us to return your inventory in our fulfillment centers at any time.

Fulfillment all around SEA

Want to sell all around South East Asia and India? No problem. We provide you with one single platform - single access or invoice across markets. Place your inventory in our fulfillment centers in all the markets you are active in.

Sending around the world

Sell you inventory across borders. Our network includes consolidators, custom clearing agents and forwarders around the world. We ship your products anywhere!

Returns management

Returns logistics can be a complex and expensive process for online retailers. Anchanto help you manage returns efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

Full visibility and data analytics

We provide real-time data of inventory, order processing, quality of service and data access over web and mobile.

Get in touch with our experts in the domain to help us to serve you better.

its simple as it looks

How it works?

Set up your account

In a few minutes you can setup your fulfillment by Anchanto account. Please leave your contact details here and we will reach out to you.

create your product listings

Add your products one at a time, in bulk or by integrating your inventory management software with our API.

send your inventory

Send how little or as much as you want - and we will receive it at our warehouse.

QC & Warehousing

We meticulously check each and every unit we receive. Products are kept, ready to dispatch in our warehouses.

order fulfillment

Customers order your products, and Anchanto picks, packs, and ships them. Customer receive tracking information from Anchanto.

customer service

Our world class customer service team manage customer inquiries for delivery related questions and order returns on your behalf.

Our reach

Locations that we are
currently serving

Our Customers

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